Friday, July 13 - nothing unlucky about that date this year!  It's the starting date of the 3rd Annual Great Northern Yarn Haul.  Be one of our first 15 "yarn haulers" and receive our extra-special starter swag bag!  Friday, July 13-July 29.  See you soon!  

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Scroll through our gallery to get a taste of some of our goodies!  

25A Main St., Bristol VT   802-453-7799

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  • Great Northern Yarn Haul - 3rd Annual runs from July 13-29.  Begin with our shop and enjoy some extra special goodie bags for the first 15 shoppers! 
  • Find Elissa's patterns on Ravelry at Kestral Kreations!
  • We're in the Local First Vermont coupon book!  Check out this link for all the information!

  • Every Saturday, starting at 1:30 - Social Knitting and Crocheting:  Creativity, Coaching, and Community: Sit 'n Knit! Click for more info here.

 Business Hours:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays:  10-5:30       Sundays: 11-3pm  Closed on Tuesdays

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If you're not getting our newsletter, let us know.  We'll get one out to you via email or snail mail and make sure you get the news of the specials first.  

What do we believe?

Our vision is to create a community center for learning, creativity, mental and physical well-being and mindful action.  

Our mission is to collectively accomplish this vision through the health-enhancing practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and fiber arts.

Our values include the love of learning, personal growth, contribution to a peaceful community, sustainability, environmental responsibility, integrity, happiness, fulfillment, resiliency, fairness, and accessibility.

  Clean, comfortable, and waiting for you.  Our yoga classes have begun, and you don't need a reservation - come give one a try!   

Clean, comfortable, and waiting for you.  Our yoga classes have begun, and you don't need a reservation - come give one a try!  







Give a gift that keeps on giving - a gift certificate from Yarn & Yoga for yarn supplies or yoga classes - or both!  

love from... Yarn & Yoga

Sample Knitters and Crocheters Needed!  Here's the NEW Deal:

  1. Come in and discover which samples we need... type of yarn and garment ideas.  You will choose from our options what you'd like to make.
  2. We give you the yarn and the pattern. 
  3. We decide together on a length of time to knit the sample.
  4. You go home and create.
  5. When you finish, you bring it back (with any unused yarn) to the shop to display forever.
  6. You earn a shop credit worth 50% of the retail price of the yarn used for the sample.  Credit may be used for any non-consignment items.  

It all starts with a conversation! Come in, call, or email us.