Welcome Blanket: 2000 Miles of Warm Welcome

A good customer and friend shared an idea with us that her lovely daughter-in-law shared with her, so now we're sharing it with you!  Knit a Welcome Blanket and join in this effort to respond with a warm welcome instead of a wall to refugees and immigrants.  As stated on the group's website:  "The blankets you make, along with your enclosed notes, will be displayed together in an inaugural show at the SMART Museum at University of Chicago beginning in July 2017 and officially opening in September 2017. After the show's close, the blanket packages will be distributed to refugees and other immigrants through resettlement organizations."  

Check out the whole website for more information and the pattern.  You can also get a copy of the pattern (very simple) here at the shop.  

As our thank you, if you buy your wool from us, bring in your finished blanket and we will offer you a coupon for your next purchase of non-consignment, non-sale items.  

This is going to feel so good!